For Kamil Hajek, art is the embracement of impulsed feelings and ever yearnings to find a deep reflection of the hidden gems of beauty that are all around us. Like life, it is a precious journey that changes us, after we take a leap over our own shadow. When you surround yourself with beauty, you will prosper and become what you see.You will thrive in it, and belong to something, glimmering from the inside out. Sharing these heart bound moments on the way, you will find out, that every aspect of existence is in a constant flow and nothing stays the same. It is all about to be open to the new you, that waited for so long to show up, about to be ready for before unseen experiences.


With his bachelor degree in graphic-design, he made visually appealing content for the wide audience ever since, having publications at various locations in the world he is now approaching to create art from a personal perspective. Introducing imaginative worlds that come to life, when worn by you. But it is you, with your own interpretation and sense for that sparkle that sets a passion free, who makes it unique. On this world map you get an insight of just a glimpse of the content he made for commercial picture agencies. If you think about the millions of people, populating this wonderful planet and how many times more images are there and how volatile it is, seeing them fly by in just seconds. We all strive to make something to remember, wether it be making memories with others or through creativity.