Brand Logo Symbolism

by Kamil Hajek
Brand Logo Symbolism
There was a time, when the iconography of the brand was not more than a glimpse of a thought. It rose frome the deep grounded desire, to find a way to make people connect to particular feelings. Likewise in interpersonal  relationships, feelings dwell only over the twists of time. Eachothers come closer, by spending precious moments together and sharing thoughts and views. You develop a unseperable band, outlasting distance and time. You feel connected to the person, you have been with, in close devotion to the depths of the heart, even after time passed by. It is something, that is imprinted in the discontinuous sands, capricious winds can not blow away.

How can i communicate about what was the decisive factor to the foundation of this brand? Where is the focus, what are the goals and the inducements about creating it? Everyone comes to a point in life, where it is about asking where you are standing in relation to the world around you. It is a Moment of tense Concentration, leading to never seen before perspectives. We can not imagine the way, that wants to manifest from our intending visions. We have to go this way by ourselves. We are the introspective precursors of our destiny. No one can feel the way you do in the beginnings, no matter what you are about to start, but you. Only you can let the spirit in.

Then i figured out, that it is not about me, but firstly about you and the feelings you want to embody. From then on i wanted to create something, that helps others to find themselves and enabling them to express their personality. But for this approach, a symbol had to be found, which would be the medium for this propose.

From the impulse, to inflame the passion in others, i found a symbol of a blossom at its height. For this i went deep inside of me. I search for it in my compilation, consisting of hundreds of mandalas i made in the past. By the moment i saw the mandala flower, i knew right away, that it was exactly the one symbol to awake this dwelling feeling.

Seen from the outside, it has the form of the sacral chakra, which is called Swadisthana in India. It appears in a lotus blossom with six leaves,  just emerging to full bloom. It represents sensuality in the graceful strength to show passion from the inside out. It is related to the element of water, which is delineated in the blue shininig around the logo. It holds emotions in the flow and tempts to realise and live up our dreams.

This stream of energy of is animated with flowing motions and activates the consciousness about ourself, strengthening the immense feeling of our own body language.

It aims for freeing you, by letting feelings come in and flow through our body. By doing so, we become one with the river of live and sense, that we are part of an imploding universal energy.

On the other side, it shows the warmth of devotion in familiarity to us and others, merging in the red tone of this symbolic flower.

Located in the center of this logo, the origin of the flower of life is showing its seeds. It is an ornament of repeating circles, resulting in a flower pattern. It is sayed, that it harmonises our central roots and that it flattens energetic paths.

In conclusion of the meaningful content going out from the brand, you now have a comprehensive outlook to it. It is a personified symbol for vigorous joy, that is flowing like a strong string in life, connecting you to the world of beautiful creations from nature. It is the revelation of your own world of emotions, which is unfolding your true power and purpose of passion.

The flower symbol is freeing you along your spiritual growth and renewal. You devote yourself in the flow of life, where you are creating yourself again and again, whilst prospering in all the facettes of the precious feelings belonging to you.

She is embedded in a growing silhouette of the inner lotus flower. From this place of darkness, this oriental flower is obtaining its strength. Her colors are shining stronger, after she has been dived into the night.

This symbol stands for you, as an adorable Personality, who is always coming back from dark times in life, only to shine stronger and deeper than ever before. It shows, that you are an opening light in the dark for others, because of you, knowing about this side of life. You shine in your founded harmony and confidence.

You are an unique being, who is isnpiring others. You believe in yourself and approach every confrontation with creativity. You are feeling your cosmic, inner self, while showing your passion to the perceiving outside. You are art.
by Kamil Hajek



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